No one can do IoT alone. Connect and partner with the entire ecosystem of technology and enterprise at TechXLR8 where strategists, technologists and implementers are putting IoT into action across industry verticals.

About IoT World Europe

IoT World Europe forms part of TechXLR8, London Tech Week’s flagship event, with 17,000+ attendees and 600+ tech-guru speakers. With separate conferences and a shared exhibition covering 5G, IoT, Cloud, Edge, ARVR, Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing, and start-ups, TechXLR8 is where tech transforms business through collaboration and insight.

Top Speakers

Edward Emmanuel Smart Docklands Project Management and Governance Lead

Smart Dublin

Christian Regnier Enterprise Technical Architect - Critical Wireless (LTE/5G/IoT)

Air France

Alin Kalam Strategic BI & Analytics Lead

Lufthansa Group

Marko Yli-Pietila Head of Smart Operations

Stora Enso

Alexandra Rehak Head of IoT Practice


John Birtwistle Head of Policy – UK Business


Uloma Uhunmwangho Global IT - Senior Regional Technology Risk Officer


Rui Pedro Silva Head of Warehousing & Distribution - Technology Strategy & Planning


Agenda Highlights

Maximising IoT Potential with Advanced Connectivity

Focused connectivity case studies on manufacturing and smart cities

Capitalise on IoT Sensor-Collected Data to Monitor and Predict

A look at how these technologies impact every enterprise with our cross-industry panel discussion

Taking IoT to the Edge and Beyond with Platforms which can Expertly Process Data

Understand the technical and the strategic with an edge computing case study

Integrating AI on Top of IoT Data: Turning Insights into Action

Explore where AI fits in with IoT with our expert panel

The Evolving IoT Business Landscape: Success through Collaboration

Learn from leaders in both the tech and enterprise industries about how to achieve successful cross-business collaboration and where the business case lies

Creating a Secure, Regulated and Standardised IoT Ecosystem

With so much data available, discover how the industry is becoming more secure and standardised through regulation

+ Plus

Get involved with our interactive ecosystem-led roundtable discussions focusing on: Connectivity | Edge/Cloud | AI | Security

Reports, Whitepapers and Interviews

Siemens' Chief Digitalization Officer Gives her IIoT & "Pilot Purgatory" Advice

The Intersection of Transformative Technologies

The Intersection of Transformative Technologies

This interactive report examines the relationship between IoT and AI, Edge Computing, Cybersecurity and 5G, exploring the importance of each to the IoT project.

Commercial Opportunities

Tom Peck Business Development Director

T: +44 (0)20 3377 3261