AR & VR World Summit, now in its fifth year, is the principal annual meeting place in Europe for the enterprise-focused AR, XR and VR ecosystem.

About AR & VR

AR & VR World Summit is the only practical conference and exhibition dedicated to serving the community. It's aim is to develop a blue print for enterprises who are thinking of utilising AR & VR technology and, to walk current users through the next stage of their application development with the goal of spearheading commercialisation.

Top Speakers

Rich Rabbitz

Senior Engineer

Lockheed Martin

Christian Rouffaer

Head of Unit - Virtual Reality

International Committee
Red Cross

Craig Piper

Learning & Delivery Manager
Lloyds Banking Group

Wanda Manoth-Niemoller

Commercial Development Manager - Training
Engineering & Maintenance


David Vincent

Chief Digital Officer
Tourism Northern Ireland

Florian Couret

Head of Digital Innovation
BNP Parabis

Josh Naylor Sr Dev Tech Engineer, Dev Relations

Magic Leap

Helen Dudfield

Chief Scientist for Training Human Performance

Agenda Highlights

Panel: Building an immersive nation: How the UK is helping businesses realise the potential of AR/VR

How can we future-proof AR/VR for Enterprise adoption?

Navigating hardware hype: what are the must-have capabilities for your business case?

AI-assisted mixed reality: the key to accelerating adoption?

What can enterprises learn from gamification?

Pairing up for progress: How IoT and ARVR are leading innovation with digital twins

Reports, Whitepapers and Interviews

Microsoft's Leila Martine at TechXLR8 2019

Future First-Responders webinar

Commercial Opportunities

Tamas Szuts

Business Development Director

T: +44 (0)20 7017 4260