Connecting Africa is the premier online community dedicated to tackling the immense scope of the African digital landscape. Connecting Africa offers a comprehensive, informed and nuanced understanding of the region's communications networking and ICT sector and the commercial opportunities such insight can afford. Connecting Africa's readers include decision makers from across the entire communications technology ecosystem that are either based in Africa, conducting business with African enterprises or seeking to learn more about one of the communications industry's growth hot-spots.

Editorial Coverage

Key topics covered by the Connecting Africa editorial team and its contributors include:

  • The evolution of mobile networking, including developments in 3G and 4G as well as the emergence of 5G
  • The growth of cloud services and introduction of virtualization
  • The impact of emerging technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, enhanced analytics, blockchain and cybersecurity
  • Cutting-edge developments in the fintech sector
  • The introduction and business case for digital entertainment
  • Digital inclusion and gender equality

Audience and Reach

Connecting Africa and the Connecting Africa Event comprise an engaged audience generating:


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Community Features

  • Breaking Technology News and Updates
  • Exclusive Video Interviews and Onsite Live Event Coverage
  • Digital Weeks and Digital Series
  • Feature Length Executive Interviews and Opinion Pieces
  • Community Polls
  • In-Depth Analysis, Gated Reports, And Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Slideshows and Galleries

What We Offer

Connecting Africa provides digital marketing services and advertising solutions built on years of expertise. Whatever your budget or marketing objectives, our multi-channel solutions are designed to drive your business forward and connect you with your target audience.

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