Welcome To Virtual Africa Tech Festival

After an extensive period of review and consultation, we have decided to proactively transform AfricaCom, AfricaTech and all our co-located conferences into fully virtual events in 2020. Taking place together over a week, from 9th – 13th November, these events will become known as the Virtual Africa Tech Festival. Virtual Africa Tech Festival will be the culmination of 23 years of connecting and informing business leaders, technology experts and policymakers on the continent. Our mission is to equip and inspire people to design, build and run a better, more inclusive, digital world – to unify Africa’s response to the 4IR and, in doing so, accelerate socio-economic development across the continent. Far from hindering this mission, recent events have only strengthened our resolve.

Key Themes

Digital Infrastructure Investment

Building the foundations of digital connectivity and empowering Africa’s connectivity champions.

ICT Policy and Regulation

Creating an enabling environment to support prosperity through technology innovation.

4IR for Africa

Propelling Africa to the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Diversity and Inclusion

Design, build and run a better, more inclusive, digital world with equal opportunities for everybody.

Tech for Good

Technology investment to drive socio-economic development, improve healthcare delivery and protect our planet.

Future of Work

Drive workplace innovation and discover how emerging technologies will impact skills requirements and optimise processes in your organisation.

Enterprise Tech

Technology is fundamentally re-shaping the way we do business. How should enterprise leaders respond?

Talent and Skills Development

Investing in talent and the skills necessary to derive real value from disruptive technologies.

Connecting the Next Billion

Bridging the digital divide to enable everybody to participate in Africa’s thriving digital economy.

Scaling Start-Ups

Scale start-ups to scale economic impact: entrepreneurship as an engine for growth

What’s Included?


hours of content


interactive virtual expos


hours of networking


conference tracks




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