Key themes

Housing prides itself on being THE event at which people can discuss, dissect and disseminate the detail of the areas of prime relevance to those in the sector. This year we have elevated two key themes to feature widely across the entire event: climate change and sustainability, and mental health and wellbeing.

Sessions, speakers and elements of added value will offer the opportunity for delegates to hear high level strategy and ideas, TED talk style in depth detail and the chance to take part in round table discussions.

Mental health and wellbeing

Housing is about more than buildings. For housing professionals, our work is about people as much as the homes they live in and often what makes our work worthwhile. Understanding and empathizing with our tenants’ stresses and challenges whilst also supporting our staff (and ourselves) with their own difficulties needs a co-ordinated approach. Our health and wellbeing sessions will offer solutions, ideas and innovations to allow attendees to gain better understanding of the importance of improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Invest in yourself and your teams

Delegate places start at only £65 per person

Sessions and speakers include

Wellbeing in the workplace

  • 2030: Depression will be the no.1 cause of disability and absences in the workplace (World Health Organisation, 2012)
  • Annual cost to UK employers of absenteeism due to mental ill-health – £8bn
  • Annual cost to UK employers of presenteeism – £17-26bn
  • The average ROI on workplace interventions re mental wellbeing (Deloitte; Mental Health Review – the case for investment, 2017)

Rob Stephenson Founder InsideOut

On a mission to smash the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. Rob argues that investing in the mental wellbeing of all employees is one of the biggest drivers of performance gains that companies can implement in the next few years. However, the biggest barrier to improving the mental health of us all is the stigma associated with it. If we can’t talk about our mental health, then it is much harder to improve it (wherever you are on the continuum).

The joy of work

An opportunity to translate the best workplace psychology research into practical ways of establishing creative and liveable cultures at work Interview with Bruce Daisley, former EMEA VP, Twitter, best-selling author and technology leader

Supporting people experiencing mental illness

A toolkit for housing providers and workers

CIH have created a Mental Health at Work Commitment guide with Mind, to provide employers in the housing sector with guidance on how they can support their staff to care for their own mental health along with their colleagues’. It includes steps they can take – from a senior strategic level, through to things that every single employee can do.

It’s not okay

How can we avoid housing providers’ and workers’ language, behaviour and service delivery from creating and reinforcing stigma?

An opportunity for housing professionals to think about what they do and how, their behaviour and language, to make sure that these do not demonstrate, create or reinforce stigma against people living in social housing.

“Health and wellbeing of employees is just as important as the creation of shareholder value.”
Rob Stephenson, founder, InsideOut
“Let’s bring mental health out of the darkness; let’s learn to do better”
Aileen Evans, president, CIH
“It was a pleasure to speak on a subject I am passionate about. Mental health is something we need to keep talking about. I thought the whole conference was excellent, with lots of thought-provoking topics and debate. The range of speakers were outstanding too.”