Charlotte Cook

Partner, Social Housing

Winckworth Sherwood


Could Covid-19 become the catalyst to address the crisis in our care homes?

The crisis in our care homes has never been as much in the news as of recent times. It is appalling that it has taken the Covid-19 disaster to finally focus minds on the changes needed to address the lack of appropriate care and housing for the country’s ageing population.

Ever conscious of the spiralling costs of care and to balance needs of residents against the pockets of those funding, at Winckworth Sherwood we regularly advise clients through funding and staff-retention challenges, such as cross-funding from their own reserves, often as a result of a lack of funding and support from Local Authorities. We hear a lot of talk of supporting care but current political focus remains on reactivating the residential housing market for first and now second-time buyers. We regularly hear from clients and contacts that the main change the housing sector needs is provision via Government Budget for better support and care for the older persons within our population.

The promises of the now 10 year old Dilnott Report (with recommendations for changes in the funding of care and support in care homes, with the vaunted “care cap”) are still just words. We need action and perhaps the Covid-19 crisis will be the catalyst for this.

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