Chris Seeley


Ark Consultancy


Housing equality and race for space

Tenants and customers talking about the impacts and pressures of WFH and SFH (School from Home) have highlighted what may be the sectors biggest development challenge.

One cannot help but conclude that our always too small homes, are – well, too small. England lags behind many countries including the rest of the UK in the size of our home and the table you see here evidences this even further against other countries.

Obviously not all homes are getting smaller and many larger (4 bed plus) outright sales homes have been featuring home offices in their latest design playbook, a recognition that even pre-covid, those people with larger incomes have more choice about where and how they work.

Space comes at a premium and we all know the costs involved in adding square footage whilst trying to maintain viability and affordability. There is no silver bullet and it will require a series of incremental changes if we are to win the space race. But win it we must.

We have talked for years about utilising the roof space maybe now is the time to do that consistently. MMC could help provide more space at less cost if we harmonise design and buy in greater numbers and design codes will help. We look forward to talking about space with you at VHF.

β€œIt was one of those rare conferences where anybody who was anybody was there.”
T Robins, Community Fibre Limited