Ian Cox


A2 Dominion Group


‘What is the biggest priority for the next generation of homes and places?’

As we contemplate the long-term implications of Covid-19, sustainability must be at the forefront of our strategic plans as a sector.

This is not only in regard to upholding our environmental responsibilities, but also in terms of ensuring the homes we provide and the communities we work in are sustainable too, in every sense of the word. The pandemic will naturally cause people to re-examine the way they live and we have a social, as well as an economic, imperative to create places where communities can thrive.

Post-Grenfell, we have all rightly been focussed on safety. With the advent of Covid, there are now additional considerations for the safety and wellbeing of customers, such as whether they have the space they need to work from home. People will also want to be less reliant on public transport and design decisions should be heavily influenced by how we can create enticing public realms for leisure activities.

As we face a period of economic uncertainty, we must also help the financially vulnerable. For example, A2Dominion’s dedicated Employment team supports people into work, while our Tenancy Sustainment team has helped residents claim £6 million in benefits, helping them stay in their homes. As we look to the future, these initiatives are likely to take on even greater significance.

“I found the conference to be extremely insightful. I received a lot of valuable information to help me in my job role, sector and personal development. I would highly recommend the event to others in the industry or who work in conjunction with the Housing sector.”
N Walsh, Torus